Comfort Restaurant

NOTE: These are sample menus and are subject to daily changes (especially fish).
Last update: 6/24/2014


green salad, 5.
spinach salad, 6.
surry sausage, 9.
pimento cheese, 8.
fried green tomatoes, 7.
soup du jour, 5. 6.

roasted chicken 18. 22.
pulled pork bbq 18. 22.
*pork chop, 22. 26.
meatloaf, 19. 23.
fried catfish, 17. 21.
*pork tenderloin, 21. 25.
*top sirloin, 23. 27.
*ribeye, 25. 29.
tuna 24. 28.
mahi mahi 24. 28.
vegetable plate, 16. 20.

brussels sprouts
fried okra
squash casserole
roasted beets
mashed potatoes
macaroni and cheese
cheddar cheese grits
scalloped potatoes
braised greens
creamed spinach


soup and salads.
green salad, $5   $7
fresh greens and veggies
spinach salad, $6  $8
onion, egg, tomato
chef salad, $11
green salad, turkey, ham, swiss, cheddar, boiled egg
salad plate $11
pimento cheese, egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad served with crackers
add tuna salad, potato salad, egg salad or pimento cheese to any salad: each $2.95
dressings: balsamic vinaigrette, bacon vinaigrette, creamy cucumber, blue cheese

(Choice of white bread, wheat bread or roll and one side)
grilled cheese, $8
cheddar, swiss, american or muenster
add bacon $1.25 or tomato $1
pimento cheese, $8
add fried green tomato or country ham, each $2
blt, $8
egg salad, $7
tuna salad, $8
roasted turkey, $9
muenster cheese, apples, roasted apple mustard
pulled pork bbq, $9
ham sandwich, $9
black forest ham, swiss cheese, orange molasses , served warm
meatloaf, $10
*hamburger, $10
add cheddar, swiss, american, muenster or caramelized onions $1 each; bacon $1.25
catfish, blackened or fried, $9
country ham, $10
cheddar cheese, bread and butter pickles, cole slaw
grilled chicken, $10
swiss, bacon, tarragon mayonnaise
veggies and cheese, $7
special of the day, priced daily.

(choice of two sides)
roasted turkey breast, $10
meatloaf, $11
*pork chop, blackened or grilled, $11
grilled chicken, $10
pulled pork bbq, $11
catfish, blackened or fried, $10
home-cut french fries
home-cut chips
potato salad
squash casserole
macaroni and cheese
mashed potatoes
green beans